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mjbizcon 2023

Breaking the Cannabis Stigma In Alabama

Tune into this episode of MITA Unshackled to learn about the challenges and opportunities within Alabama’s medical cannabis program, as explored by Native Black Cultivation. This episode offers insights into the state’s licensing structure, prioritization of local and minority ownership, and the strategic community engagement shaping the future of cannabis in Alabama.

ammc presentation

NBC Presentation To Alabama Medical Cannabis Comission

Native Black Cultivation, recently presented a compelling case to the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission at the State House, advocating for cultivation licensing. Our presentation detailed the organization’s commitment to sustainable practices, community engagement, and the promotion of minority ownership within the industry. We highlighted how Native Black Cultivation’s innovative approach and deep roots in the community make it an ideal candidate to help lead Alabama into a new era of medical cannabis.

Local News coverage

NBC & Erin Davis Of WSFA News

Native Black Cultivation, discussed the critical role of minorities in Alabama’s burgeoning medical cannabis industry during an interview with Erin Davis on WSFA 12. He emphasized the importance of inclusion and strategic partnership within the industry to ensure that minorities benefit equitably from the state’s cannabis licensing process.

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Statewide News Coverage

Brandon Moseley – Alabama Today

Native Black Farm was awarded a coveted cultivator license by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, marking a significant milestone for his company and minority representation in the industry. This achievement comes after a strategic adjustment in ownership to meet residency requirements, showcasing his commitment to contributing to Alabama’s growing medical cannabis sector. The commission’s decision reflects their confidence in Native Black Cultivation’s potential to serve as a valuable asset to the state and its residents.

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Statewide News coverage

Alander Rocha at the Alabama Reflector

Antoine Mordican, CEO of Native Black Cultivation, is nearing the milestone of Alabama’s first medical cannabis harvest, even as the state’s licensing process faces significant hurdles. Despite the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) issuing licenses and then rescinding them due to legal battles, Mordican remains focused on preparing his product for eventual market release. This piece delves into the ongoing challenges and the determined efforts to bring medical cannabis to Alabama patients.

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Local News Coverage

Lisa Crane – WVTM-13 Birmingham, AL

Three years after Alabama approved a medical marijuana program, legal battles have stalled the industry. Despite this, Antoine Mordican of Native Black Cultivation is set to harvest the state’s first medical cannabis crop this weekend. While other parts of the industry are ready, dispensary licenses remain tied up in court, delaying patient access. Mordican remains hopeful for a resolution soon.


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Advocating Responsible Cannabis Cultivation

Our advocacy extends beyond our farm gates. We actively participate in community dialogues and industry forums to raise awareness about the benefits of responsible cultivation techniques. By setting a high standard for operational excellence and environmental stewardship, we aim to inspire and influence the broader cannabis industry towards more sustainable and ethical practices.

This commitment to responsible cultivation is integral to our mission, reflecting our dedication to producing safe, high-quality cannabis while contributing positively to our community and the planet.

At Native Black Cultivation, we are deeply committed to promoting responsible cannabis cultivation practices. Our approach is built on sustainability, transparency, and compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring that every step of our cultivation process not only respects the environment but also enhances it. We advocate for the use of organic farming methods and the reduction of pesticides, which safeguard both consumer health and ecological well-being.