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The Heart Of Cannabis Advocacy In Alabama

We lead the charge in cannabis advocacy and education throughout Alabama, committed to enhancing community understanding and support for cannabis. Our initiatives are designed to articulate the benefits and potential of cannabis through comprehensive educational programs, helping to shape public opinion and influence policy for better legislation.

What we do

Educate & Advocate

We drive initiatives to educate the public on the multifaceted benefits of cannabis, from its medical advantages to its economic potential. Our advocacy efforts are focused on shaping progressive policies that support the responsible use and distribution of cannabis in Alabama.


We actively engage with the community through informative sessions and public discussions, ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders are heard. Our goal is to foster a more informed and inclusive dialogue around cannabis in our state.

what we’re doing now

Latest Updates

Stay informed with the latest developments in cannabis legislation, community events, and educational workshops in Alabama. Our updates provide crucial insights into ongoing advocacy efforts and highlight key achievements in our mission to promote a better understanding of cannabis. Keep up to date with us as we continue to pave the way for progress and change in the cannabis landscape.

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Educational Resources

The History Of Cannabis


Explore the rich and complex history of cannabis, from its ancient use in traditional medicine to its varied roles in modern societies across the globe.

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Newly Discovered Cannabinoids

Dive into the exciting advancements in cannabis research, featuring newly discovered cannabinoids that promise to enhance therapeutic potential and consumer experiences.


Understanding The Entourage Effect

Learn about the entourage effect, a pivotal concept in cannabis science that explains how different cannabis compounds work together to produce unique effects and benefits.

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